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Stay on track of your Security Roadmap and Target Security Maturity level with measurable and meaningful feedback in the form of actionable Configuration Recommendations, and Key Performance/Risk Indicators. Build Senior Management Confidence by demonstrating effective business asset protection and compliance with regulatory requirements. Security Rating is now a subscription service that FortiGuard offers when you purchase a Security Rating license.

Version Updates

7.0 (FOS Version) Security Rating Packages Update 3.70000 1 week ago
7.2 (FOS Version) Security Rating Packages Update 4.57000 1 week ago
7.4 (FOS Version) Security Rating Packages Update 5.34000 1 week ago

This service allows you to:


Dynamically receive updates from FortiGuard.


Run Security Rating checks for each licensed device in a Security Fabric.


Run Security Rating checks in the background or on demand.


Submit rating scores to FortiGuard and compare how you rank against peers in the same region, industry and/or company size.


For more information, see our Security Best Practices