FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts

FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts provides key information about on-going cybersecurity attack with significant ramifications affecting numerous companies, organizations and industries.

Outbreak Alerts include:

  • A narrative of the attack, its timeline and affected technologies.
  • An embodiment of extensive FortiGuard solutions using security industry standards.
  • A comprehensive list of Fortinet solutions and subscriptions to break the attack sequence and tools for threat hunting.
  • A list of related resources and researches from FortiGuard Labs.

Total: 79

Updated Date
Apache ActiveMQ Ransomware Attack
Ransomware attackers are targeting servers running outdated and vulnerable versions of Apache ActiveMQ by...
Nov 06, 2023
Released: Nov 06, 2023
High Severity
Citrix Bleed Attack
CVE-2023-4966 is being widely exploited, with multiple threat actors, including ransomware groups,...
Nov 02, 2023
Released: Nov 02, 2023
High Severity
Cisco IOS XE Web UI Attack
CVE-2023-20198 | CVE-2023-20273
Active exploitation of a previously unknown vulnerabilities in the Web User Interface (Web UI) of Cisco...
Oct 23, 2023
Released: Oct 20, 2023
Critical Severity
HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack
A newly identified Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack technique is used in the wild. This DDoS...
Oct 19, 2023
Released: Oct 12, 2023
High Severity
Google Chromium WebP Vulnerability
The Google Chromium WebP heap buffer overflow vulnerability has been actively been exploited in the wild....
Oct 05, 2023
Released: Oct 03, 2023
High Severity
Agent Tesla Malware Attack
CVE-2018-0802 | CVE-2017-11882
FortiGuard Labs captured a phishing campaign that spreads a new Agent Tesla variant. This well-known...
Sep 14, 2023
Released: Sep 07, 2023
High Severity
Zoho ManageEngine RCE Vulnerability
Multiple Zoho ManageEngine on-premise products, such as ServiceDesk Plus, Password Manager Pro and...
Sep 07, 2023
Released: Apr 20, 2023
High Severity
Apache RocketMQ Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
RocketMQ versions 5.1.0 and below are vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Injection. Broker component of RocketMQ...
Sep 06, 2023
Released: Jul 05, 2023
Medium Severity
Adobe ColdFusion Deserialization of Untrusted Data Vulnerabilities
CVE-2023-26359 | CVE-2023-26360
FortiGuard Labs continue to see cyber-attacks targeting to exploit the ColdFusion vulnerability...
Aug 21, 2023
Released: Aug 21, 2023
High Severity
Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
CVE-2023-35081 | CVE-2023-35078
Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM, formerly MobileIron Core) contains an authentication bypass...
Aug 10, 2023
Released: Aug 10, 2023
High Severity