Security Best Practices & Security Rating Feature

As the complex enterprise network shifts to meet evolving business needs, configurations and policies need to be dynamically changed and enforced. As a result, security measures and countermeasures need to be provisioned and tuned over in a rapid fashion which adds to the ongoing pressure on network and security teams. Inevitable errors and misconfigurations are introduced, which fail to provide the trust and assurance that critical assets are being protected.

Based on Security Best Practices and Standards, the capabilities of the Security Fabric can be further leveraged through the Security Rating Feature. This feature provides a mechanism to continually assess the Security Fabric, validate that configurations are working effectively, and provide awareness of risks and vulnerabilities which may impact daily business operations.

Value to the Business

  • Keeps customers on track with respect to their Security Roadmap and Target Security Maturity level.
  • Provides Measurable and Meaningful feedback in the form of actionable Configuration Recommendations, and Key Performance/Risk Indicators.
  • Helps build Senior Management Confidence by demonstrating effective business asset protection.

The Security Rating Feature checks are performed on the Security Fabric enabled network and provide scoring and recommendations to operations teams. A Score Card can be used to gauge adherence to various internal and external organizational policy, standards and regulation requirements and ranking against industry peers through the FortiGuard Security Rating Service.

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