[AVAR 2020] Pay or Lose Your Critical Data - Deep Analysis of A Variant of Phobos Ransomware

This talk was presented at AVAR 2020.

Phobos ransomware family was first spotted by security researchers in early 2019. Recently FortiGuard Labs captured one sample from the wild, which is a MS Word document containing malicious Macro to spread a new variant of Phobos.

I did a research on this MS Word sample thoroughly. In this talk, I represented:

1. How the malicious Macro in the MS Word document executes to infect the victim’s system;

2. How the real ransomware payload starts on the victim’s system;

3. What techniques it uses to keep it persistent on the victim’s system;

4. How it enumerates and filters the files and encrypts them on the victim’s system;

5. What encryption algorithm this variant uses and how the encryption key is generated;

6. At last, what the victim has to do to restore the encrypted files.